The Inspired CEO™ provides business consulting which can involve coaching. We provide strategies and connect the dots of your "Why" to create business success, assisting you to think strategically about your vision and be clear why it matters. If revenue is your only priority or you're not doing work or providing a service that positively impacts the world in some way, we may not be the consulting firm for you. No harm, no foul and we refer out often.

For passionate, heart centered leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropist who leave ego at the door, our doors open widely and the masterminds behind you will go to BIG lengths to support you in your vision. Our consultants and coaches are here to help you find solutions that lead to a business and life which brings you joy not stress. We definitely know the good that the energy called money can do when coming from those change agents who use it for good so we trust we'll help you abundantly pay it forward.

Our goal is to create a path for you which allows you the freedom to do the things that you value most in life. We believe we're pretty darn smart, but think you are even smarter! :) We start with the truth that YOU intuitively have the answers yet we work with you to bring the broad breadth of knowledge on our team to provide insights and partner with new possibilities that support your vision.

Whether you are the CEO (Conscious Evolution Organizer) of your small business or a Fortune 500 corporation, having clarity of your vision will ignite the entrepreneurial spirit that imbues your life and workplace. For the mavericks, solopreneurs, disruptors and out of the box thinkers, we encourage you to soar by using your God given abilities in your lanes of brilliance. Let us support you in the places that are best managed by others. The fastest path to having the biggest impact and doing more of the good work you do is to partner with others who have excelled in areas you haven't yet. Our gift is connecting and weaving people, companies and opportunities together for the highest opportunity for a successful outcome. We provide solutions that assist you along your path and help you grow your business.

We're mobile and global so that partner or solution may be in your backyard or across the world. Utilize us to link the missing pieces. We need you to do that work which only you can do and fulfill that vision that is the reason why you're on this planet. We believe we're doing our part, join us?

Services Available include ~

*Consulting Services: Providing a fresh perspective on your business whether a Nonprofit organization or a For-profit business. Where are you stuck? What area of your business is underutilized? Where are your biggest opportunities? What's your unique selling proposition? We are passionate about taking the birds eye view and looking for your best opportunities for growth and creating the biggest impact that is of service to your clients and community.

Nonprofits: Let us review your mission and assist you in growing and cultivating your donor or customer base. What are your donors or customers saying about you? Remember, some of the most successful organizations and companies have attained that success through word-of-mouth. Are you utilizing the power of social networking to spread the word about your cause or business? Do you have a plan for sustainability? We take an entrepreneurial approach to create new pathways to sustainability. Is their intellectual property, a product or fee for service that you aren't monetizing that can create a revenue stream for your non-profit?(social profit) Let our consultants help you create market positioning and development strategies to distinguish you in your market.

Entrepreneurs and Corporations: Together we partner with you to provide strategic insight and inspiration as we look at your business with a new lens. We design pathways to becoming a more mobile and global entrepreneur with out of the box solutions. Creating platforms that cross communities and continents that allow you to be the global, heart centered, nimble leader in your industry.

* A Life Changing 60 Day Business Coaching Program that can provide a foundation and clarity on setting priorities, finding your direction, discovering your passions and a roadmap to achieve personal & business success. Utilizing this proven program has enhanced the personal satisfaction of employees and management which increased productivity for many of our clients. Our Global Entrepreneur program allows the world to be your office.

* Module based Personal & Business Coaching. Our aim is to help you determine and achieve personal and business goals. Our business consultants and life coaches use multiple methods that will help you with the process of setting and reaching goals. Let us assist you in your business by improving your leadership skills, employee accountability, teamwork, sales, communication, goal setting, strategic planning and more. We provide support and advice to companies ranging from "solopreneurs" to medium size organizations and groups.

* Living in Bliss is a 30 day jumpstart to living your dreams. For many of us our dream lives remain a fantasy. What if the fantasy was your reality? Whatever your chosen path for work and however you use your talents and skills, you can create joy, fulfillment and happiness in your daily life. It takes the "some day" list and creates a path to your deepest desires TODAY!

* Inspired CEO Retreats™ provide the Ultimate in Business Development Vacations. How would it feel to travel to incredible locations all over the world learning from the Masters in their field and be surrounded by like-minded people who live life full out? We offer luxury conferences that allow you to break away from your daily routine, gain new perspectives in mastermind groups, laser focus during V.I.P. sessions and be inspired to live your best life. You'll go for the vacation and come back a with a fresh perspective and new insights.

To request a consultation, use the contact us page and include your organizations name, mission, target market and area you desire assistance with.