The Inspired Word

The Inspired Word

We see The Inspired Word as a life enhancing program that provides a skill that is essential to 21st century leaders - Creativity. This program encourages creative expression through multiple art forms. Where many high quality arts education programs have been eliminated, this program provides an opportunity for skill building in a safe and nurturing environment. Through weekly workshops and monthly SPOKEN WORD, ART & MUSIC showcases, youth are encouraged to develop and share their talents.

The Inspired Word Publishing is a social enterprise full service publishing company powered by talented millennials who use social media and creative formats to support authors globally to get their work out in the world. This publishing company supports art programs and events that encourage creative expression.

Shakti Rising

Have you ever wanted to "change the world" but the thought alone seem overwhelming? I have certainly had that thought but by divine design I learned of an organization that is doing just that! This is your opportunity to be a part of life changing and community building work, right in your backyard and soon throughout the world.

Shakti Rising is a social change organization transforming the lives of women, girls, and the larger community. We cultivate health and emerging leadership in women and girls, ultimately empowering them to utilize their personal transformation as a catalyst for positive change in their families and communities. This creates gradual cultural change that supports sustainable, cooperative, healthy societies.

Our work actively promotes community well-being by creating woman and child-friendly societies that are safe, healthy, vibrant, diverse, sustainable, and culturally alive. Our mission is to empower young women to uncover, rediscover, and reclaim their whole selves.

To find out how you can be a part of real, effective, heart centered change, go to "contact us".

Women's Initiative for Self Employment

We are PASSIONATE about advancing opportunities for women and can't say enough about the impact Women's Initiative has had on the lives of thousands of women. Women's Initiative for Self Employment is a Bay Area non-profit which provides high-potential, lower-income women the training, resources and on-going support to start and grow their business. The business management training, technical assistance, and financial services they are provided — in English and Spanish — to improve the quality of life for the women they serve, their families and communities. Adopt a Dream and send a woman through the Small Business Training with a $1,000 donation. Call Kelly at 408-340-8271 and become an Inspired Giver. Ask us how you can support Women's Initiative in your business, all levels of support appreciated.


AHA - Academy of Healing Arts

AHA! serves teens and families year-round with after-school programs. Their aim is to create a community of socially and emotionally intelligent adolescents who are committed to compassion, character, positive creative expression, and the celebration of diversity.

Their innovative experiential curriculum guides teens to set goals and to stop bullying and hatred. It lends invaluable skills for understanding and managing emotions and relationships. From this place of security in themselves, teens are inspired to do good, achieve in school and serve their community.

I have seen first hand how life changing the AHA program is and with your support this program can be implemented throughout the country.

Kiva President Premal Shah Partners for Enterprising Women

Kiva's mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. Kiva is the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend to unique entrepreneurs around the globe.Kiva's platform allows internet lenders to connect directly with entrepreneurs served by microfinance institutions ("Kiva Field Partners") worldwide. You can invest in someone's dream for a little as 25.00.

Using Our Voices To Make A Difference

Using Our Voices To Make A Difference

Lisa Ling is a former special correspondent for The Oprah Show and a contributor to National Geographic Channel, Nightline and CNN. Lisa now travels the world covering overlooked stories such as the looting of antiquities in Iraq, female suicide bomers, Bride Burning in India and Child Trafficking in Ghana. I encourage us all to use our voices and make it a personal mission to be architects of change.