Taking your business entirely “out of the box" and setting the foundation for you to live in Bliss with your business.

We will jumpstart your business by taking the time to implement the most forward moving ideas for your business and take the steps together. No more someday! If you need to create or update your website, do it now! Need to formulate and implement a social media plan? let’s do it! Do you have professional pictures that reflect the image and vision of your business? If not, take them! If you don’t have a video, let’s have one shot. BUSINESS BLISS IS POSSIBLE NOW!!!

"When You Want Something You’ve Never Had, You Have to do Something You’ve Never Done"

WEEK 1 – Vision, Message & Foundation
Vision – What do you want from your business today, 1 year from now 5 years from now? What do you want to create by being in the business you are in? What is your message? What are your sending out as representation of your business? If you don’t know, how will your customers know? What can you “own"? What is so unique about you or your business that makes you stand out? Do you have a solid foundation? Do you have a business checking account? Are there ways to allow customers to purchase from your website? Are your business cards up to date, business telephone number? Do you need a virtual assistant or are any other key components missing?

WEEK 2 – The Offer
What is the offer you want to create for your clients? Do you have a package and pricing? How much do you want to make in your business. Are you adequately valuing your time? This is key to the success of your business.

WEEK 3 – Media
There is power in the visual! What are your visuals saying about you? We will have professional photos taken that capture your essence and the essence of your business. Photo session will include a headshot that can be used for your banner, cards, website and a full length lifestyle photo. Video – We’ll create a 1-3 min. video of you describing your business or of you “living your brand". Could be a demonstration video, interview or you directly speaking about your business.

WEEK 4 – Marketing & Celebration
Create and implement a marketing plan. Who are your clients and how will you reach them? Creating a social media campaign and implementing it.

AT THE END OF JUST 30 DAYS You will have jumpstarted your business! Move forward with a clear message throughout your brand with:
⦁ business cards, website, pictures, video
⦁ pricing strategy, your offering and package
⦁ social media plan, marketing plan and how to implement the plan.

Includes a 1hr. private intake call, Daily Wake Up Productive Call, Weekly private 1 hr. consultation, 1 hour group coaching call. Accountability e-mail 2X week.
You will be paired with a mastermind partner to support and encourage you along the journey.