We offer a life enhancing personal development course with full support to help you achieve your maximum potential. The basis is a 60-day, multimedia personal development program. Simply by changing mindsets and habits, the program helps you accomplish more than you thought possible, do more than you ever imagined and become more than you dreamed.

The program employs a very simple philosophy: you have the power to make any change in your life that you want to make. Based on this premise, a thorough system was constructed that works from the inside out. As you alter habits and small details of your daily routine, your life begins to change for the better.

The Inspired CEO uses a 60-day program that consists of daily support that includes video, a daily "ignition call" (Mon. - Thurs.), webinars (recorded for your convenient replay and review),a journaling system and much more.

* Holistic, Money, Body Program –Helping to:
Ridding yourself of self-sabotaging beliefs that rob you from outrageous success

A deeper awareness of our emotional states that effect our intimate relationships

Mindful awareness dedicated to serving humanity with conscious encouragement

Forgiving yourself so you can feel greater self-confidence, magnetism, & influence

Releasing your deepest fears and anxiety that age your skin and inflame your organs

Our daily Morning Ignition Program for greater focus and productivity

Meta Programming by board certified doctors to achieve more in less time

Goal-based activity sheets to keep you on target that eliminate procrastination

60 Days of powerful video, audio, and interactive forum coaching

8 straight weeks of our live 1-hour webinar coaching modules
Outrageous support and encouragement from a Community of like minded individuals

Take it with you on the go and so you can access us with your busy life. We like to
Save you money by using technology to allow us to offer you very effective coaching "on demand" through this dynamic format. This is powerful persuasion and influence coaching, helping you get the results you desire.

We love this program so much and want to use it as a means to support, encourage and inspire others to live their best life that we will actually PAY YOU for your referrals. As you experience success, it is natural to want to share that success with others and we are happy to show you our appreciation.
The program takes you on an inner journey that will result in extraordinary outer growth. As you experience the program, you will approach each day positively and proactively. Weight loss, improved financial results, more effective communication or better relationships – whatever you want for your life, the program shows you how to achieve the results you desire.

"I used to wake up to go to work and live my life in the time that was left. Now I wake up to live my life, and work is something I do to make it better each day."
-Roman Mitchell, Santa Rosa, CA

*including weekly coaching services. Inquire about self-guided programs


One Time Coaching — Great for those targeted, immediate goals. We will spend our efforts assessing those goals and implementing a specific plan for prompt, inspiring results.

Life Coaching Services by the month:

Program 1: You will receive 3 calls. Duration of calls are up to 45 minutes. Telephone calls once weekly for 3 weeks. Additional phone check-in calls as needed. Email support between calls as needed.

Program 2: You will receive 2 calls per month. Duration of calls are up to 45 minutes. Telephone meetings every other week additional phone check-in calls as needed. Email support between calls.

Program 3: Multi session program discount: Enroll for 12 meetings, pay in full in advance for 12 meetings to be scheduled as often as needed. This is a great option for those who are in a hurry and want to stay on task.

Group Coaching is offered through workshops, teleclasses, and group meetings on the phone. Together in this virtual meeting room we share support, suggestions and personal development tips. You may gather your own group of pals and come for coaching together, or join the mix of open-hearted others who are drawn to this personal development program. Fee to be determined.

In person retreats and on-site workshops. A wonderful interactive experience which focuses on a specific topic.

Complimentary Start! Take a "test drive of our personal development program for free! You may schedule a low cost 30 min. consultation which allows space for you to both ask questions & to experience how coaching supports your decision–making. During this time we discern whether we're a match. It's easy to start!